Staying safe during covid-19

LMSD strictly follows CDC and PA Department of Health guidelines. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we comply with these procedures and protocols.
  1. Each dancer’s parent/guardian is required to sign a Covid-19 Acknowledgement of Risk form upon registration. It is especially important that you are aware of the risks that may be associated with Covid-19. This serves as an acknowledgement. Please be sure your child brings the signed form to their first rehearsal.
  2. If there is a positive case reported, students who were in contact with
    the individual will be asked to quarantine.
  3. Please be aware that any student who is late for their scheduled class
    will not be able to come in because no one will be available at the door
    to take temperature, etc., once class starts.
  4. Students should arrive at least ten minutes before class begins. Each student will be assigned a plastic chair to sit in to wait for classes to begin. This will be their “chair” for the year. Once in class, student will be assigned to a taped off 10 x 10 foot square where they will stay for the duration of classes.
  5. Dancers should arrive dressed in dance clothes. No changing will be allowed unless absolutely necessary.
  6. Please provide your child with a dance bag that can be hung on a hook. We do not want anything on the floor.
  7. No cell phones, snacks etc. Water bottles only and be sure the dancer's name is on it.
  8. No one is allowed into the studio except the dancer. The waiting room will be closed to visitors.
  9. Students will line up on the white dots which are spaced six feet apart on the ramp.
  10. All dancers, staff and faculty must wear a mask into the building and at all times while inside. We have masks available for anyone who needs one.
  11. Each student must sanitize their hands at the automatic sanitizer that will be right inside the door.
  12. They will have a mandatory temperature check. Anyone that registers a temp of 100.4 or higher will not be allowed to stay and a doctor’s note will be required to attend further rehearsals.
  13. After the dancer changes shoes, he or she will hang their bag on their own personal hook and then they will go to the taped off area in the dance room that will be theirs alone. They will be asked to sit and wait there until rehearsal begins.
  14. All dance steps will be changed so that there is no contact between dancers.
  15. Please be sure your child uses the bathroom before they leave your house for class or rehearsal. Of course, if they have to use the bathroom, that is fine and it will be sanitized after each use.
  16. The studio has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Only one age group/class will be entering and exiting at a time. Class times have been staggered to avoid contact with classes other than the students own class.
  17. All dancers will take class in the same room. Teachers will be the only ones changing classrooms.
  18. Students are required to sanitize their hands at the automatic sanitizer inside the door before exiting the building.
  19. Bathrooms have been equipped with new automatic soap and paper towel dispensers.
  20. If it is reported that there is a suspected case of Covid -19, we will report to the Department of Health, communicate with our dancer’s families and close the building for further deep cleaning and disinfecting.
  21. We will keep windows and doors open at all times as long as weather permits. The big studio doors that separate the dance room from the waiting room will be open also. This will improve air flow.
  22. We will practice safe social distancing at all times.