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 Linn McDonald School of Dance (LMSD) upholds a tradition of exceptional dance training. Under the guidance of Artistic Director Linn McDonald, we seek to encourage and assist ambitious young dancers to help prepare them for a professional career or simply have the opportunity to experience the joy of dance.

All we ask is that whatever your age, you will attempt to reach your own highest level of achievement. In return, we will continue to offer exemplary training, inspiration and encouragement.

LMSD is housed in a beautiful turn-of-the-century church in
the green ridge section of Scranton. Formally, the Green Ridge
Alliance Church, the building was bought by Linn McDonald in
1988 after a devastating fire burned down the studio she was
renting in Dunmore. The building is situated on the corner of
Wyoming Avenue and Marion Street in a lovely residential area. It boasts two studios, one with cathedral ceilings and four large chandeliers. This room is surrounded by huge stained glass windows and a choir balcony. There is an ample sized waiting area complete with preserved church pews from the original church. The downstairs studio is decorated in pink and purple and is primarily used for our younger students. There is parking available on the street as well as at St. Paul’s church parking lot at the bottom of Marion Street. The studio has been a second home to thousands of aspiring young dancers over the past 40 years!

The Linn McDonald School of Dance offers area young people a chance to “color their world with dance!”

About Us

About Linn McDonald

Born in Scranton, Linn began her dance training at the age of four under the tutelage of the late Constance Reynolds. As a principal dancer with Ballet Theatre of Scranton from 1979 to 1984, she danced lead roles in classical ballets such as Cinderella, The Nutcracker, Giselle, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Coppélia, and La Fille Mal Gardée.

In 1979, Linn began teaching dance classes in the basement of the Dunmore United Methodist Church and this is where the Linn McDonald School of Dance was born!

Graduating from Marywood University in 1982 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication, Linn was awarded the St. Genesius Medal for Excellence in the Theatre.  After graduation, she performed with the National Touring Group, Broadway after Dark and made her acting debut in 1994 as Gwendolyn Pidgeon in THE ODD COUPLE.  She continued her dance education with London’s Royal Academy of Dance in Toronto, Canada, Gus Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago and David Howard School of Dance in New York City. In 1996 Linn enrolled as a graduate student and in 2001 she received a Master's Degree in Dance Education from Temple University, where she was also an adjunct faculty member teaching ballet to
undergraduate students.

Linn has directed and choreographed over 50 musical theatre productions for such venues as Pocono Playhouse, Marywood University, Bucks County Playhouse, Woodloch Pines in the Poconos, and Rollins College in Winterpark, Florida.

Linn has been an adjunct faculty member with University of Scranton, Temple University, Rollins College and Marywood University, where she co-founded and directed the Dance Minor Program for ten years. She was also on the faculty of Pennsylvania Youth Theatre in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Coupe Dance in Nanuet, New York, and Ballet of Upstate New York in Syracuse, New York.

Linn was resident choreographer at Helen Hayes Youth Theatre in Nyack, New York from 2006 to 2017. It was here that she had the pleasure of teaching Anna Baryshnikov, the daughter of the one of the greatest male dancers in history, Michael Baryshnikov.

In 2008, Linn founded Green Ridge Youth Theatre, the first youth theatre of its kind in this area. She ran the theatre for ten years, directing and choreographing over 25 shows and working with hundreds of area actors, singers and dancers under the age of 19.

In 2013, during her time as director of the Dance Minor Program at Marywood, Linn was invited by the China Cultural and Educational Foundation to be a guest teacher in China at several universities. She spent 5 weeks teaching at Yunnan University in Kunming, China, Sichuan University of Music in Chengdu, China and Southwest University in Chongqing, China.

In addition to running the Linn McDonald School of Dance, Linn received a certification to teach dance to people with Parkinson's Disease in 2019. She currently teaches Dance for PD at the Jewish Community Centers in Scranton and Kingston.
About Us


LMSD is a wonderful place for young dancers to learn and grow! Miss Linn creates a nurturing environment where students are taught technique and discipline, while instilling a passion for dance and the arts. LMSD gave me the foundation, technique and drive to pursue dance in college and professionally. I will always cherish my memories of dancing at LMSD!
Katie K.
I had the privilege of attending the Linn McDonald School of Dance growing up.  The 15 years that I spent learning from the absolute best, Miss Linn, were some of the greatest years of my life.  She created a family-like atmosphere while instilling in her students, not just the technique and love of dance, but lifelong lessons that I carry with me today.  I’m grateful that this studio and its beautiful creator are still around today, because now my daughter gets to enjoy the same experiences that I did while learning from Miss Linn and her staff at LMSD.  If you are looking to provide your child with the opportunity to learn from a caring, professional, talented dance teacher then the Linn McDonald School of Dance is just for you.  It’s the tight knit family style studio that will create lifelong memories for you and your child!
Danielle P.
Linn McDonald School of Dance is a place where dance education is #1. I landed here 7 years ago when my dance school closed. We searched high and low for a true dance SCHOOL and found it at LMSD. The emphasis on training and technique is second to none! Not only have I become a stronger and poised dancer but the encouraging family at LMSD will always be part of my heart ❤ There are many dance schools closer to my home, which is an hour drive from LMSD, but not one that can hold a candle to Linn McDonald School of Dance.
Samy S.
My daughter has been at LMSD since 2013.  She receives exceptional instruction by a friendly and professional staff.  She is learning discipline while at the same time having fun and forming close friendships.  She always looks forward to her next class!
Michelina T.
Couldn’t be happier with Linn McDonald School of Dance.  Miss Linn is an amazing teacher.  She is so kind and patient with the kids. We are so happy we joined!    
Katie C.
My Daughter absolutely loves participating in dance classes at Linn McDonald School of Dance. Over the last two years I have seen so much growth in my soon to be 5 year old. She admires Linn—always running to the door with a huge smile on her face!  I can’t wait for her next big performance on stage!
Kathryn E.
My daughter started dance with Miss Linn in a princess ballet class 3 years ago which has now blossomed into ballet, tap, and jazz. We are blessed to be part of the Linn McDonald School of Dance. And whoever asks about where we dance, it’s our pleasure to say where.
Heather C.
My daughter danced with LMSD from the age of 4 thru high school. Dance was ALWAYS a place she was happy, energized and excited to be. As an adult she has continued to reap the rewards of her dance training in all parts of life. Miss Linn and Miss Susan hold the dancers to a very high standard, but with a kind touch. On top of first rate dance instruction the students are taught responsibility, strength, poise, and the love of dance. We are proud to be part of the LSMD family!
Teri C.
Emma's first extracurricular activity in her very young age has been dance. She initially started doing tap and ballet but ultimately decided that ballet was her calling and I can definitely see her flourishing not only with her attentiveness but also her athletic ability. Dancers are very flexible, they pay close attention to detail, and they're very light on their feet; I can honestly say seeing Emma's movements on a daily basis is very impressive and I'm happy that she has grown so fond of her school, her instructors, and her classmates.
Sasha T.
Linn does an awesome job with her classes. She made my son feel at ease coming to his first classes. He was and still is excited to come to class. Linn McDonald school of dance makes you feel like family. Linn teaches you much more than dance. She becomes an important role model for the child as they grow up. Thanks for making my son a part of the LMSD family!
Nicole L.
My 7 year old daughter has been a part of LMSD since she was 3 and there truly is no place she would rather be! Linn and her staff provide personal attention to all of their dancers. My daughter has learned so much and has developed a love for ballet like no other!
Sarah K.
There is no better place to dance than at LMSD. I grew up dancing at LMSD. Linn not only taught me the technique and skills to become the best dancer possible, but she also helped me learn valuable life lessons of dedication, hard work , and discipline. I am forever grateful for all that I learned, and I am so excited for my daughter to be dancing at LMSD too. Linn truly cares for all her students and the best for them. The time, energy, and love she has for her dancers is something as a mom I am so thankful. Linn McDonald school of dance is truly the best.
Dana A.
More than anything, our girls have found a second home here, doing something they love next to their very best friends! We love our teachers, who pour their everything into what they do! We love the dear friends we’ve made! We love the lessons our daughters have learned through dance here at LMSD!
Kristyn P.
My daughter, Malina, has been taking dance at LMSD since she was four years old (she is now twelve). I can't say enough about this studio. I, myself, had taken dance from Miss Linn when she first opened her studio, and it is truly an honor to see my daughter flourish in such a positive, uplifting environment. Malina has said so many times, that the studio is a second home, and the students and teacher are a second family to her. Not only does Miss Linn and Miss Susan help our children develop into strong dancers, but also nurture each child and encourage them to be great people. They always treat each child as an individual, and are constantly mindful of their individual needs. We are so blessed to be part of LMSD!
Elizabeth E.